soPhIE goEs on a rOaDTrip

Hi Petey! It’s meee! Sophieeee!

I have so many news! On these past few days, there is a new two-legged stays with us, “D’orn, and together we are in the car A LOT. And it is HOT. We went to a place called C’neticut. And there is T’rayci and D’erik two-legged who you have licked and liked before, I think so, and they has two little girl two-leggeds . One is A’yva and the other one is E’liee. A’yva and E’liee are very fast. And they gives me lots of treats! And in their yard, they have funny creatures called “Chickens.” I really wanted to run and play with them, P, but I was with my leash. My new leash. (Our two-legged forgots my other leash and so we stopped in a “pet store” and we got a new one. You see this new one in the picture, P?).

After this, we, in the car goes to a “L’ayk House”. And there was many new two-leggeds and I got many treats, and we went for a long hot walk with my new leash. And we stays there one night before we again go in the car to come back to the S’prinfd House but not with the D’orn two-legged. No, she is gone.

Oh, P! Time to go! Girl two-legged is saying, “Car”, “Walk” and “P’enie”. P’enie is the new other four-legged I plays with. You see her on the Facebook page?
Why you not come in the car and plays with us, P?


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Hi Sophie! Can’t Talk Long. Am Going to Work.

Hey Sophs!

The photos of you at E’ynstiyn’s house cracked me up! He was all over the place, and you you just stood there.  Hilarious! You know Boogie’s Doggie Language chart? I circled the one that looks like you 🙂 :

It’s morning. I’ll write as much as I can before it’s time to go. Today I go with G’rama to the vet. Do you remember that she works there? It’s in a town called H’mberg. On their website they have a picture of a “pug” four-legged. I think they should put me on the homepage, don’t you? Lately, I pretty much live there!

You’ve been there many times before too. Remember when your body was little and you stayed overnight? We lived at the N’orplaynfd House then. I didn’t go, but I knew you went because the smell was all over you!

I go there with her about three times a week. The other ‘dog’ and ‘cat’ four leggeds that live with us at G’rama’s house don’t come with us. They stay home. I think it’s because G’rama loves me the best. I don’t tell Paris and D.D. and the others that because they might feel bad.

The other thing is that I have to go outside a lot to pee. I don’t know why. This body is losing its energy. So it’s good that I am with G’rama most of the time because she takes me out right when I need to go. She totally gets me. AND, she also gives me a treat that she calls “medicine”. I get a lot of them, Sophie!

I know you don’t like going there, but I like it. It’s fun being around all the two-leggeds. The four-leggeds can be noisy and annoying but they don’t bother me too much. Most of the time I just rest. I rest between pee breaks!

All right. Time to go. I hear keys.


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SopHiE gOes VisITing

Petey! It’s me Sophieeee!

I has got your last post. You seems ok. I worried about you. Do you know what I do, Petey? When there is strangeness I do not understand? I bark. I bark A LOT. Because then the scaredness in my body comes OUT, and the strangeness goes away!

I have exciting news!

I now knows two very big same-kind four-leggeds. One is “Z’gy” and the other is “E’ynstiyn”. Up in the pictures there is the E’ynstiyn because we went in the car to where the E’ynstiyn lives. He is very bigger than you, P. You never met him, I don’t think so. I been there to his house sometimes. E’ynstiyn has MANY, MANY two-leggeds. SO MANY, you can’t believe it. Maybe it’s because his body is so BIG! Maybe big four-leggeds needs many two-leggeds. What do you think so?

So when we get to there and our girl two-legged puts down my bed in the house, and the E’ynstiyn four-legged is jumping all around. And then I see my girl two-legged just walking away. She is walking away and I am stay. I am the whole day with no my leash with the E’ynstiyn, and one of his boy two-leggeds, and one of his girl two-leggeds.

The E’ynstiyn plays in a funny way, P. Not like you! Sometimes I do not know what to do! He goes up! He goes down. He is in front. He is behind. Do you see in the pictures?
And do you see his nose, P?! It’s funny, his long nose. And this nose, it knocks me. On my head. On my back. Sometimes I just look away. And sometimes I run away. And sometimes I play.

Petey, I’m still wondering why you not lives with us?

Ooh, our girl-two legged is come back. She was out this whole day too.
I go!


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Petey’s Zen 4th of July Moment

Hey Sophie!

I saw what you wrote on the Facebook page. I’ve come to learn the “big” noises, as you say, are called, “Fireworks”. I’ve also heard it be called, “Thunder”. Last week though was the “Firework” kind. I heard G’rama two-legged say the word many times.

“Fireworks” sound different to the “Thunder” kind. “Fireworks” noise is fast and sudden. The “Thunder” is usually long and low with time in between. The “Fireworks” kind hurts my head.

So me and Paris -remember Paris, the other four-legged? Me and Paris stuck close to G’rama two-legged while the “fireworks” was happening. I was panting and my body was shaking.

But Sophie, I wasn’t scared. You might not believe me, but I wasn’t.
Well, I was at first. I was really scared. See my face in the picture?! I thought my heart would stop! My body was shaking and I was panting so hard water was dripping off my tongue. Then, when I thought my heart would not beat another beat, I suddenly felt G’rama two-legged next to me. She had been there the whole time, but in that moment, I became aware that she was there. And aware of my heart beating, and the panting, and my body trembling, (trembling means the same as shaking, Sophie), but everything was also very…what’s the word?
Do you know this word, Sophie? It sort of means nothing is happening.
I know it sounds so strange… But there was breathing and trembling and panting AND there was also nothing happening.
It was still. And I KNEW I was ok. I KNEW everything was ok.
It was like snuggling into a soft blanket!

I don’t know if you can understand what I mean Sophie. But next time, when your body gets scared and your thinking doesn’t understand what’s happening -like the “suddenly noises” in the new S’prinfd House, maybe you can just focus on feeling our girl two-legged, or the bed, or the sofa you are lying on, or the dirt under your paws, and see if you can find the still-ness I was talking about.

It’s there, Sophie, I promise.
It is always there.
It never leaves.

Ok, time for me to go. Time to pee. And tonight, there is the “Thunder” to keep me company!


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Hi pEteY!!! iT’S MeEE! SopHieee!!!

Hi Petey! It’s meee! Sophieeee! You are clever to write on the blog to me.

I do what is “Facebook“. Not blog so much.  More consuming of time. But I see you on the Facebook, so now I am here! Yes! I live with our girl two-legged. Our girl two-legged has now two ‘puters, so I use sometimes the other one, the “Mactop”.

You are at G’rama two-leggeds still?! Wow. Why not you come with us Petey? In the car?

It is hot. Sometimes I with my leash go to outside. And I take two steps and lie myself down. Our girl two-legged says, “No, Sophie! Time to pee!” And I just lays there even though I know what she means ;).

Not in the G’Let House anymore. No. We lives at a new another house. The S’prinfd House. It’s very nervous living here. Many, many, many four-leggeds and their two-leggeds when we are outside with my leash. And I don’t let them come near to us. No. I stop. I watch. And then I run and bark so loud. It’s a big job to protect our two-legged by myself. I liked it better when you did it. In this house by myself. I am watching all the time. Listening all the time. Many times in a day I am barking at strangeness. There are suddenly noises I don’t understand. Why you not live with us Petey? We was safe when you live with us.

I have many news, but typing on the “Mactop” is sometimes sleepy. I write again soon.

I love you, Petey. With my whole heart! ♥♥♥


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Dear Sophie. It’s me, Petey.


Are you out there?! I have been trying to figure out how to talk to you. You’re a pain in my tail, but you know I love you, right? I’m still at G’rama two-legged’s. I have been waiting a long time to write to you. Today, I am lucky! She left the computer on and the door open! There was another time too, but the computer is old and it stopped working when I went to hit “Publish”. I hope you check in sometimes. I see you haven’t posted anything.

It’s hot now, and the last time I saw you, it was cold, December I think. It’s been a very long time. Are you ok? Do you still live at the G’Let house with J’den and his two-leggeds?

I don’t see our two-leggeds anymore. Do you?

But it’s good here. Most of the time ;). It is much busier even than at the G’Let house. There are so many four-leggeds, the cat variety and dog variety, so I get annoyed sometimes. If you had stayed here, you probably would have gotten used to it by now. I know you were a bit scared when you stayed here last time, but you liked the “cat” four-legged, right? You used to sleep all day with her in the closet, remember? It’s been a long time, I don’t expect you to.

I’m good. Just hot. And I still have that cough, so I don’t go for long walks anymore. Not like before when we walked together with our girl two-legged. We used to walk a lot! And remember going to the W’Chung R’svashon? That was fun.

Anyway, it would be good if you wrote back.  I’ll do my best to get on the computer in the next week or so to check.


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sOphiE SpeAks on LiVinG wItH a 3-yEar OLd

It is official. Me and P are not in S’Mit anymore. Not for some time. With our girl two-legged, we are at the G’Let house. In this house already, there is the “J’den”. J’den is the little boy two-legged. He says he is “three”. And along with him is his two big two-leggeds. One “mom” and one “dad.” Together, they feed and play with and water their J’den.

This J’den is very fast and he comes suddenly. So I am listening and watching all the time. Even when I am sleeping, I am smart because I keep each ear open all the time. Sometimes, when I am safe with my girl two-legged, I let this J’den come very close and touch me. If he comes very close, I lick him. I lick him and he wiggles and giggles. I lick him so he wiggles away from me and my girl two-legged. But sometimes it doesn’t work. Instead of away, he wiggles on me and my girl two-legged! I don’t like this J’den on my girl two-legged, so I lick and lick and lick his ears. What else more can I do?!

I hear the J’den. I go.


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sOphIE kNowS sOmEthiNg bIG iS HapPeNinG

It has hard to use the ‘puter these days. Girl two-legged is on all the time. Maybe because it is cold. So cold outside.

But I have to tell you…Something very big is happening. On last week we, me, Petey & my girl two-legged stayed at another different house. The G’Let House. With a girl two-legged, L’ori, and a boy two-legged, G’regry, and a little boy two-legged who they say, “J’den” And I was scared!

Not P. No! Because P LOVES little boy two-leggeds. When there, he barked his happy bark and ran his happy run.

Two times we stayed.

And yester-day too. J’den two-legged and L’ori girl two-legged found us here at the S’Mit house! P ran and barked and licked. And I was hugged. And so even yes, I licked too. His ears.

On this morning, girl two-legged is doing more boxes.

I am scared.

I go find safe.


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Petey and the Ceiling Dweller

Ceiling Dweller
I am sure this has happened to you. Maybe you were dozing in a particularly warm sunspot or you were sprawled happily on the couch letting thoughts come and go and from nowhere, piercing the peace like a cat’s meow, comes this small, quick but very powerful sound. It moves through the ear canal, bounces off the drum and shoots right into the center of the brain.

You know this sound. It is the sound of the ceiling dweller.

When the ceiling dweller wakes up from sleep, it goes, “Chirp.” But it does not chirp just once, it chirps until it is dead -usually by human hand. This chirp is the ceiling dweller’s weapon. It stabs the brain right behind the eye and leaves without care. Time lapses. Long enough to forget. And then, “chirp” it goes again. After a few rounds, the brain anticipates the next one, and you can’t tell what’s worse, the noise itself or the anticipation. And in this way, between actual pain and the anticipation of pain it makes you quite mad.

I have heard the deadly ceiling-dweller no less than three times since I have lived here in the S’Mit House.

:: Read about the first and second times ::

The third time was last week. It started its nasty little chirp just around dinner time. My my girl two-legged didn’t notice right away. There is something wrong with her ears I think. But eventually she looked for it. And even though I went with her to show her it was coming from the floor, she could not find it! She kept looking up! I couldn’t believe it when she gave up and went to bed, and did not even use the blue things she stuffs in her ears!
Must be.

I, however, am not deaf! I may be 13 (in two-legged years) but I have the hearing of a pup half my age. Into my brain every 1 minute for the whole night, Chirp! By morning, I was entirely crazy. She let me outside and I ran straight to  P’Trisha’s yard. I stood there in the middle of the yard shaking and panting from the madness letting the sky and the cold air pull the nightfull of chirps out of my brain. After a time (I don’t know how long), I heard my girl two-legged calling, “Petey! Turkey Treat” and I could not, would not move. I could not go back inside. As long as that creature lived, I would not step paw in the S’Mit house.
Not even for a Turkey Treat.

When she finally came and picked me up, and forcibly took me back inside the house, she said, “Don’t worry, Petey, I took care of it.” But I didn’t believe her until we got inside. I stood by the door and waited. Yes, she took care of it. There was peace in the S’Mit house again.

So here’s what I’m thinking; when I become a two-legged, I am going to study the ceiling dweller’s ways and teach it to chirp in a dog-ear friendly way.



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sTrANgeRs in tHe hOusE

On yesterday, we had a VERY surprising happening. I was VERY scared.

When yesterday, our girl two-legged was out, and we (P and me) were sleeping. There was new two-leggeds come in the S’Mit house! And I never knew them before. And so I barked many times, “Get out! Get out!” And even Petey who loves all and every two-legged, he was scared. How I know? I know because he hid hisself! He went up, up upstairs to toppest room where I never have been.

And when they left, P didn’t come out. I never saw him even after my girl two-legged came finally home and I was SO happy to see her. So happy. Because I was so scared my body was shaking the whole time until she came back to home. Shaking like Petey shakes a toy! And our girl two-legged was looking and calling for P and nothing. Looking under the bed, behind the couch, under the desk. No Petey. I know he is toppest most room but my girl two-legged she can’t understand me. But then she knows from the black “phone”. And back upstairs we go to the toppest room. And then finally there is Petey. Out he came from the dark with white stuff all over his self.

Sometimes I think P is like the chicken in the story. You know that little chicken?

I was scared but I didn’t hide. No! I barked, “Get out! Get out!”

And get out they did!

P did not bark with me.

P is Little Chicken.



Note from P & S’s girl two-legged: Who were these people? It was the realtor and the inspector coming to check some things.

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